A Multi-topic International Conference
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11th HONET-PfE
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
December 15 - 17, 2014 
Dr. Badrul Chowdhury
Professor ECE Dept.
UNC Charlotte, NC, USA                 
Email: bchowdhu@uncc.edu

Title: Impact of Smart Inverter Control with PV systems on Voltage Regulators in Active Distribution Networks


    Multiple voltage regulating devices, such as on-load tap changer (OLTC), step voltage regulators (SVRs), switched capacitors banks work in tandem with each other to regulate voltage in the distribution network. These conventional devices are based on volt/var optimization strategies that work in a time coordinated method. When photovoltaic systems are operated with smart inverters which have the capability of power factor control, SVR set points need to be optimized. Otherwise, depending on the ramp up or ramp down condition in the morning and late afternoon respectively, SVR operations may not be able to keep voltages within the acceptable band. This paper presents the relationship of PV active and reactive powers with SVR step changes, and proposes an algorithm to operate the SVRs at prescribed set points and the PV inverters at optimal power factors. The algorithm is tested on the IEEE-13 bus test feeder.

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