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11th HONET-PfE
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
December 15 - 17, 2014 
Dr. Johan Enslin
Director of EPIC
Professor of ECE,
UNC Charlotte, NC,USA                  
Email: jenslin@uncc.edu

Title: DER and Microgrids - A Sure thing or a Fading Myth?


   Distributed Energy Resources (DER) presents a natural opportunity for microgrids, especially in mission surety for critical operations (e.g., military bases or other critical infrastructure). With higher penetration levels of distributed photovoltaic (PV) solar generation and electric vehicles (EVs), microgrids are naturally forming on feeders, commercial and residential communities. For Forward Operating Bases (FOB), microgrids and DER are saving lives and ease the supply-chain for fuel. If designed well, microgrids can be very economic by reducing energy and maximum demand charges for commercial, industrial campuses and even residential communities where capacity charges and Time of Use (TOU) tariffs are implemented.
   Microgrids should have however a solid business case and not driven from technology that needs an application alone. It is very important that microgrids have to be used in normal operating conditions to generate revenue for their owners. Microgrids should be designed with clear business cases in applications like dispatching and integrating intermittent distributed generation, voltage regulation, frequency regulation and other ancillary services. This will then have clear business cases that improve the T&D losses, defer distribution investments and improve capacity on feeders funded out of the capacity charges or TOU tariff incentives.

Short Biography:

Johan H Enslin PhD, is the Director for the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) and the Duke Energy Distinguished Chaired Professor in Power System at UNC Charlotte. Enslin has combined a 32-year career with leadership in industry and academia, in the US, Europe and South Africa. He served as an executive for private business operations and a professor in electrical engineering. Dr. Enslin initiated and led renewable energy teams, companies and executed multi-disciplinary power system projects. Over the course of his career Johan worked for more than 80 US, European, Asian and African power utilities, governments and industries. He authored and co-authored more than 280 technical journal and conference papers for IEEE and other organizations, and has written several chapters in scientific books. Johan is a life-long leader in the IEEE and CIGRÉ working groups and committees. He holds more than 21 provisional and final patents. He received the 2014 Charlotte Business Journal Energy Leadership Award. He is a registered Professional Engineer in South Africa, Fellow of the SAIEE and Fellow of the IEEE.

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